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Paris off the beaten Path with
a treasure hunt along the Coulée Verte


chasse aux trésor dans Paris

2 hours

Chasse aux trésors dans Paris

3 km

jeu de piste à Paris


meilleurs escape game paris
  • Starting from Métro Bel air, along the Coulée Verte 

  • Jardin de Reuilly

  • Viaduc des Arts

  • Place de la Bastille


Discover an Unexpected Paris with Our Treasure Hunt!

Embark on a treasure hunt through an unexpected Paris! Between exploration, puzzles, and uncovering the lesser-known side of the city, get ready for a journey like no other. Away from the hustle and bustle of traffic, you'll need keen observation skills and logical thinking to solve the riddles that guide your path.

Your mission : crack the code to get to the treasure

To achieve this, you'll be equipped with a game booklet prepared by a former train conductor from the line. Each puzzle stands alone and won't impede your progress. However, you'll need all the RIGHT answers to solve the final puzzle and unlock the treasure!


As you travel along the route of this old railway line, here are the sights you'll encounter:

  • A cave

  • A refurbished old station

  • A garden with ramparts

  • Buildings cut in half

  • A replica of a masterpiece from the Louvre Museum

  • And plenty of street art!

In short, enjoy the journey as if you were on a train 😉. And to ensure you don't stray too far, your treasure hunt concludes in the lively Bastille neighborhood.

escape game en plein air à Paris

Practical info - treasure hunt in Paris

  • The hunt takes approximately two hours, with an additional 30 minutes for setup and resolution after the hunt. If you want to take your time, the game can last three hours. Please note that regardless of progress in the treasure hunt, it automatically ends after 3 hours. If participants have not finished by then, we will come to retrieve the equipment wherever they are.

  • The treasure hunt starts next to the metro station Bel Air and ends ends at a different place from the starting point, on Place de la Bastille.

  • Weather Conditions and Cancellation: The Coulée Verte is one of the gardens managed by the city of Paris, which decides on their opening or closure based on weather conditions. In the event of a storm or bad weather, these areas may be closed to ensure everyone's safety. Therefore, we will either offer to reschedule the tour or suggest trying another treasure hunt.

  • The hunts are suitable for ages 8 and up. We recommend this tour for kids aged 8 or older because they must know how to read in order to enjoy the roadbook. Younger kids can join and they will enjoy it but adults may have to help by interpreting the clues.

  • Please bring your own water bottle, even if it's empty! You can fill it up at the many fountains along the greenway. For this tour, we are staying eco-friendly by not providing water bottles.

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