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Organizing your corporate event in Paris.

"New Year, New Challenges! Are you looking for ideas to organize an event in Paris? We might be able to help :). As one link in the chain, we had access this year to numerous programs offered to employees as part of their team-building days. Not being part of the company, we were able to access employee feedback and assess what works well and what doesn't. Here are some team-building ideas that received the most satisfaction last year.

Organizing an event in Paris: the reasons

The reasons for organizing an event in a specific region depend on several factors. For Paris, the reason can be very simple: many headquarters are located in the Ile de France region, and teams are based there. But not only that. This year, the companies we worked with came for the following reasons:

Paris is a central capital in Europe

For companies with offices all over Europe, Paris is halfway for everyone. Its accessibility and accommodation options encourage the participation of all employees.

Presence of numerous professional trade shows in Paris

Many companies attending one of the numerous professional trade shows want to enjoy the "whole Paris experience." In addition to participating in the event, some managers do not hesitate to organize a tourist team-building event, such as our outdoor escape games that pass by several iconic Parisian monuments. They are looking for authentic Paris: where to eat crepes, where to go for a drink with Parisians, which company to choose for a cruise on the Seine... Being Parisians for a long time, we had to get back into it!

Acquisition of a Parisian company

Last summer, a company from northern France absorbed a small Parisian firm and chose to relocate all its teams to Paris to welcome new collaborators. The program included a boat tour and a treasure hunt with at least one Parisian team member per team so that everyone could meet.

Implementation of an annual event

In addition to the annual events offered by the company's management, such as Christmas or anniversary celebrations, several companies approached us this year to organize an event specific to their teams. Recognizing the benefits of a team-building activity with a "smaller" group, they are looking for ideas for a "fun" activity that can strengthen bonds between employees.

Organizing an event in Paris: what program?

When discussing with the person/team booking our treasure hunt, we often find that we are part of the day's program. In our case, it is often in the early afternoon, for the "recreational" part of the day. Employees often had a more serious activity in the morning (seminars and workshops) and arrive after their lunch break, which usually takes place near the meeting room or the afternoon activity. For example, this summer, a company that came for the treasure hunt from the Pantheon to the Louvre came to picnic at the Arènes de Lutèce, less than 5 minutes walk from the start of the activity. The game ending at snack time, some managers also suggest a break in a tea room, while others leave free time before spending the evening together. This year, the dinner cruise on the Seine was the most successful!

If we are talking about the schedule for a whole day, it is also possible to do much less while still pleasing your employees. The group's cohesion will be strengthened in any case. Last summer, a store manager wanted to reward her sales team for the good results of the first semester. She asked everyone to block their afternoon for a "big meeting." Discovering that the meeting was a team-building event unrelated to their work, they appreciated their manager's gesture even more and truly had fun.

The same goes for another manager who has been coming every year since 2021. Since COVID, she has realized the importance of gathering around a festive event to create a bond with her employees. In a competitive sector, showing them that they matter helps to retain her team. She negotiated an annual event budget with her management, and every year, we see the same team solving our puzzles. We even start to guess who will be the one to solve the final riddle! The recipe is quite simple: afternoon activity + drink/snack, which ends before 6 pm. And if employees want to extend the evening, it's up to them... or not!

The pitfalls of organizing an event in Paris

Few employees have complained about their company's initiatives. They are overwhelmingly happy that their value is being shown to them. Nevertheless, there are some points of attention that we have witnessed and that deserve to be kept in mind:


If this happens to you, it's really unlucky, but when organizing an event, ANYTHING can happen. This was the case for a company based a bit far from everything, which decided to take its teams to Paris by bus. It wasn't the first time; they had gained good experience in organizing an event in Paris. Traffic on the ring road, transportation time between activities, choice of dining locations near the following activities, free time after the afternoon activity (ending at 4 pm) before the 7:30 pm dinner cruise... Everything had been planned with ample margins. Everything, EXCEPT the accident that stuck them in traffic for more than 2 hours... The employees remained positive, but they were less motivated and, above all, more tired than if everything had gone smoothly.

The need for several reference persons

This is especially the case for large teams, but we noticed that when at least two people handle the organization, the transition between two activities is smoother. However, be sure to coordinate well. In the case of a surprise team-building event, an assistant who had been entrusted with all the organization found herself a bit "caught in a vise." On the day, she was constantly contradicted by her manager on one side and criticized by her colleagues on the other, who constantly solicited her and complained about not getting a clear answer...

The choice of the schedule

The last point to pay attention to when organizing an event for your employees is to choose the schedule carefully. A company, thinking it would please its employees, decided to organize an activity in the late afternoon before moving on to a picnic in the Louvre gardens. So, they asked us to send them a quote for 30 people for an activity starting around 5:30-6 pm. Two weeks before the event, we sent a quote for 20 people and then for 11 people. On the day, they were only 7... The reason? Outside working hours, this team-building was considered unpaid overtime, and employees preferred to go home."

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