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Jeu de piste à PAris

Visit Paris with our 
treasure hunts !

escape game à Paris
Jeu de piste Paris
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Découvrir Paris ludique et original

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Our tours treasure hunts in Paris

For a sightseeing tour in Paris that combines both a cultural tour and an escape game, this is here !


Are you looking for a fun way to visit Paris ? Do you like escape games and treasure hunts ? You‘ve come to the right place !  Instead of a traditional walking tour, why don't you spice it up with a treasure hunt ? Our cultural scavenger hunts are designed to help you visit Paris the fun way !

This activity is for people who want to combine the pleasure of a sightseeing tour associated with the fun of a treasure hunt. With our 2-hour self-guided escape games, we offer you a fun activity designed to entertain you while you visit Paris. For a family friendly tour in Paris or with your friends, enjoy the emblematic Parisian monuments and turn the city into a playground!


As you explore and search for clues, you will see many of Paris's famous landmarks including The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Notre Dame de Paris, The Opera Garnier,… depending on the tour you choose.

Who can join our scavenger hunts in Paris ?

From curious travelers to treasure hunters and escape gamers, Anyone can join ! Our cultural games are perfect for corporate outings, locals or tourists looking for some secret city history, students or alumni gatherings, birthday parties, and any other occasion where you’re looking for an activity that’s unique, fun, and funny. No previous knowledge is required ; you just need a sharp mind and comfy shoes. 

To enjoy some quality time with a mix of culture and fun, our booklets have both a cultural and historical page and a riddle to solve in front of the iconic monuments of Paris. Each stop is punctuated with touristic explanations and anecdotes about the monuments and... a riddle to solve! Of course, you'll need to work you logic and pay attention to every detail in the city to progress and crack codes, but we will be around in case you need us ! Even if it is a self-guided tour, there is no loser in our hunts, everybody wins, always !

Treasure hunt in Paris : Our prices

from 25€/px


How many people on a scavenger hunt ?

  • Walking treasure hunt : from 2 to 25 pax

  • For team building : up to 50 people

Small group scavenger hunt in Paris

Since we want you to have the best time, you will hunt with your team only, like a private tour. No one else will join your group. We accept max. 2 groups at the same time. To welcome both teams properly, each team will start 15 minutes apart. During your quest, you may run into the other team. If you want to, please, feel free to share your experience and help each other :).


What happens during our treasure hunts in Paris​ ?


  • Our Hunt Host greets you and sets you up at the start. We provide all the equipment. You just need to come with your comfy shoes and a dash of fun !

  • the Host introduces the plot of the hunt. All our treasure hunts are on paper. Usually, you are handled one booklet for 5 participants. For bigger groups, we bring extra booklets in case you want to break into teams.

The treasure hunt in Paris

  • It’s time to visit and solve riddles ! Once the treasure hunt begins, you hunt on your own. We always have a Hunt Host on-site. To make sure you have a great experience, we are available anytime you need. If you get stuck, you can ask for a hint.

  • You follow a carefully designed road around the city (choose your neighborhood here). You will see the main sights and hidden gems while you answer funny questions. Along the way, learn Paris History and some fun facts (nothing to heavy, you are here to have fun).

  • No previous knowledge is required. On our scavenger hunts, most of our questions don’t work out of context. You are searching for answers that will help you see a monument with new eyes. you can answer them only when you are in front of the monument or standing in the correct spot. Sometimes, they can be more escape-game friendly, with « Google-able » quizz. But if you see the trick, you won’t need to go online to find the correct answer.


  • You visit Paris and complete the game on your own terms. Our treasure hunts in Paris take an hour and a half to three hours depending on the time you take to enjoy the top monuments and their History.

  • You join your Host and we try to solve the mystery together.

Let's talk!

If you need more information or just want to talk to us, it's over here! We will be happy to help you :)

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