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Treasure hunt to visit Paris along the Seine

Chasse au trésor à Paris Tour Eiffel

2 hours

Chasse au trésor à Paris

3,5 km

chasses au trésor Paris

25€ / pax

  • The Louvre

  • Orsay Museum

  • The bridge Alexandre III

  • The Grand Palais 

  • The Eiffel Tower

  • And… the Seine!

chasse au trésor Paris Grand Palais

Do you want to explore Paris and discover its famous monuments ? Are you looking for a fun and unique experience ? This treasure hunt is for you !


Uncover Paris on an adventure that takes you along the Seine. The Banks of the Seine are car-free and perfect for a nice and safe walk. Your team will discover the secrets of numerous legendary locations such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre. On your way, you will enjoy the beautiful golden dome of the Invalides, and you’ll get to see architectural wonders such as Alexandre III Bridge and the Grand Palais.


Your mission : Crack the code and open the cryptex !


During the treasure hunt, you will have to collect clues to get closer to the treasure. At the meeting point, a member of our team will introduce you the plot of the hunt and your itinerary. Each clue is independent, so you won't get stuck on your quest. If the riddles have been solved, you will be able to open the treasure chest! (Don't worry, we'll help you out if you don't have all the answers. Everyone wins in our hunts!)


Once you have the booklet, it's time to go on an adventure, read the fun facts and have fun!

Chasse au trésor du Louvre


  • The hunt takes approximately two hours, with an additional 30 minutes for setup and post hunt resolution. If you want to take your time, the game can last three hours. Please note that regardless of progress in the treasure hunt, it automatically ends after 3 hours. If participants have not finished by then, we will come to retrieve the equipment wherever they are.

  • The tour starts in front of The Louvre and ends in front of The Eiffel Tower (it ends at a different place from the starting point). 

  • The hunts are suitable for ages 8 and up. We recommend this tour for kids aged 8 or older because they must know how to read in order to enjoy the roadbook. Younger ones are welcome though you may have to help by interpreting the clues. 

  • In order to have a nice stroll, wear comfortable shoes.

Ready for your next adventure?

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