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Treasure hunt : Montmartre

Chasse au trésor à Paris durée


Chasse au trésor à Paris distance parcourue

3,5 km

chasse au trésor Paris tarif


  • The Sacré Cœur

  • The Place du Tertre

  • The village Montmartre

  • The I love you wall

  • Le Moulin Rouge

chasse au trésor Paris votre itinéraire

Follow in the impressionist’ footsteps and dive into an era when Montmartre had just begun to transform itself into the legendary place we know today…

This scavenger hunt will take you on a romantic tour of Montmartre, from the amazing Basilica of the Sacré Cœur to the old village where used to live world famous artists from the Belle époque. You will start with the Sacre Cœur Basilica, the symbil of Montmartre. Next to the Sacré Cœur is Place du Tertre, where famous you can see people have their portrait sketched. Afterwards, you will wonder through the narrow streets of Old Montmartre and discover places where famous artists such as Van Gogh, Picasso and Renoir used to meet and live La vie de bohème. Among the numeours legendary locations are la Maison Rose, le Moulin de la Galette and Le bateau Lavoir. Montmartre also stars a very successful French movie, Amelie, and some of the scenes of the TV show Emily in Paris. During this this treasure hunt-sightseing tour of Montmartre, you will discover these TV and movie locations.


Team-buildings, families, friends,… anyone can join our scavenger hunt in Montmartre

If Montmartre is famous for being romantic, discovering la butte in family with kids or with friends is also possible ! This cultural, and fun scavenger hunt will meet your expectations : solving riddles, manipulating puzzles, observing around, and learn about the places you’ll discover. You will also do a bit of exercise ! With this treasure hunt in Paris, we can assure you that you’ll have it all ;)



Your mission : authenticate a painting found in a flea market !

During this treasure hunt in Montmartre, put yourselves in the shoes of an art expert and solve tricky puzzles involving what you’ll discover. Don’t worry ! No previous knowledge of art or impressionism is required. You need sharp eyes and comfy shoes to solve riddles and discover the fascinating Hitsory of Montmartre.  At the meeting point next to the subway station Place d’Anvers, a member of our team will introduce you the plot of the hunt and your itinerary. Each clue is independent, so you won't get stuck on your quest. But you will need to solve them all to solve our mystery. Of course, our main goal is for you to have fun during the adventure, we'll help you out if you don't have all the answers. Everyone wins during our sightseeing tours of Paris J


Once you have the booklet, it's time to climb the hill, read the fun facts and have fun! Observe carrefully, hidden details and love are around every corner !

Oh, and last but not least, Montmartre is a hill, you will. You will need to walk up and down to visit the district !

Jeu de piste à Montmartre


  • The hunt takes approximately 3 hours. Please note that regardless of progress in the treasure hunt, it automatically ends after 3hours and 30 minutes. If participants have not finished by then, we will come to retrieve the equipment wherever they are.

  • Do you want to spend the whole day in Montmartre ? Take the 5hours option (50€/pers.). We will be glad to give you our favourite spots for snacks and non touristy places to have lunch ! The day in Montmartre option is offered every day at 10AM, AP:30 AM and 11AM.

  • The tour starts  next to métro Place d'Anvers and ends in front of The Moulin Rouge, métro Blanche (it ends at a different place from the starting point). 

  • The hunts are suitable for ages 8 and up. We recommend this tour for kids aged 8 or older because they must know how to read in order to enjoy the roadbook. Younger ones are welcome though you may have to help by interpreting the clues. 

  • In order to have a nice ride, wear comfortable shoes. You are going up and down the hill and a moderate amount of walking is involved.

  • During High season, Montmartre can quickly be packed. To avoid the crowd, it is better to visit Montmartre in the morning, especially during weekends.

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