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Christmas in Paris is always a good idea

December in the city if lights is a festive time to visit. From the Chhristmas illuminations all over the city to Xmas markets and winter activities, here is a guide to the season's best offergings :

Department stores windows holiday displays

Head up to Galeries Lafayette, Printemps Haussman and Le Bon Marché to enjoy smiling Santas, mini winter villages and Christmas scenes displayed in the windows. Step inside the Galeries Lafayette to admire the famous Xmas tree under the marvellous colourfoul Art Nouveau dome.

Christmas markets

Stroll through Alpes-style wooden chalets all around Paris, sip hot wine and hot chocolate, try melt cheese "raclette" and shop your last presents. The most famous are located on the Champs-Elysées and in the Tuileries Garden but you can find one in nearly every neighborhood.

Take a walking scavenger hunt in the covered passages

If the weather gets to gloomy for a stroll along the Seine, try From Paris with Fun escape game in the unique charm of parisian covered passages. Place to be in the XVIIIth century, you will travel through History as you investigate on a scientist murder sheltered from the cold and the rain.

And don't forget to stop by a bakery to try the "buche de Noël", a traditional Xmas desert every French family will have on Christmas day !

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