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Cosy Season - 3 of the best hot chocolate in Paris

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Paris is a lively city, no matter the time of the year and Fall season has its own charm ! Afet getting back to school in september, Visiting Paris in october is ideal. The crowds are thinner, the weather is colder but still nice, and the leaves in the trees start to change colour. It is time for crisp cool sunny days, crunchy golden leaves underfoot and a hoto chocolate in a café ! Here are 3 of the best hot chocolate in Paris :

hot chocolate

In Paris, you can order this beverage in ververy café all year long but if you are looking for a gem, here are our Top 3 :

The most famous : Angelina

A classic. From Parisian to tourists, everybody knows the place @Rue de Rivoli. If you are note afraid of the crowd, it is a must try. And if you happen to be around the Luxembourg Gardens, have a seat in their tearoom, the famous hot chocolate "L'Américain" and the pastry "Mont-Blanc" are exactly the same than the ones on rue de Rivoli. And you may be less frustrated since the corner is less known and less packed.

226, rue de Rivoli

75001 Paris

Mademoiselle Angelina- Corner @Luxembourg Gardens

19, rue Vaugirard

75006 Paris

Le Loir dans la Theière : A hot chocolate in an "Alice in wonderland" atmosphere

In the eclectic neighborhood of The Marais, this café is inspired by the fantasy novel "Alice in Wonderland". You will enjoy a warm and cosy experience if hyou don't mind being greeted without a smile (you are in Paris after all, and waiters have a reputation ;) ). Order a hot chocolate and you will have a pot serving 2 cups. And if you are craving for a French homemade pastry, go to the buffet and pick you favourite treat. You can try pretty much everything but if you want our tip, try the impressive and delicious "tarte au citron meringuée" (the lemon pie), an institution.

3, rue des Rosiers

75004 Paris

3 of the best hot chocolate in Paris : Café Cyril Lignac

In the 11th neighbourhood, outside the touristic path is Cyril lignac's café. This adress is like the other famous pastry chefs' spot : a must try. With several cooking TV shows and gastronomic restaurant, Entrepreneur and chef Cyril Lignace is in France what Martha Stewart is in the US. Rue de Chanzy is home to his "Chocolaterie" and ofers some of the city's most delicious chocolate in a very parisian and local neighbourhood. And if a hot chocolate is not enough for you, his shop is dedicated to chocolate : chocolate bar, pastries, candies,... You name it !

25, rue de Chanzy

75011 Paris

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