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New scavenger hunt in Paris : Romantic Montmartre

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Montmartre is certainly the most famous distric in Paris. Well known to be « the small village of artists », it used to be a village outside of Paris. Famous for being one of the most romantic neighborhood in Paris, its authentic atmosphere has survived till modern days and the hill has not lost his charm.

Montmartre Sacré Coeur Basilica

When we thought about new tours, Montmartre was obvious. First of all, when we decided in 2021 to extend our offer to walking scavenger hunts in Paris, along with treasure hunts on non electrical scooters, climbing up a hill was not impossible for us too challenging anymore. Then, because Montmartre is the most famous neighborhood in Paris ! Since we’ve promised you top monuments on every single treasure hunt in Paris, we could not miss Montmartre.

If you enjoy solving puzzles and mysteries, or puzzling mysteries, or mystery puzzles, or just want to have fun with your friends or colleagues, you’ll have a blast exploring Montmartre on this unusual scavenger hunt.

Anyone can join our scavenger hunt in Paris, especially Montmartre

Culture, fun, work out, movies and TV shows’spots, Art history,… With our scavenger hunt, Montmartre can be explored according to your interest. Even if Montmartre is famous for being romantic, discovering la butte in family with kids, or friends is also possible ! This cultural/kids-friendly/team-builduinguy scavenger hunt will meet your expectations : solving riddles, manipulating puzzles, observing around, sighsteeing...

Your mission

Exploring Montmartre is a treasure hunt in itself ! Here aresome of your highlights and what you will find along the way :

- 2 windmills

- The statue of someone who walked with his head in his hands

- A man who tried to walk through a wall (and failed ahahah)

- A castle

And so many other surprises !

But let’s focus on your main assignement : authentitficate a painting.

Montmartre being about art, our theme is about a painting, randomly found in a flea market. You will put yourselves in the shoes of an art expert and will solve tricky puzzles involving what you’ll discover. Ultimately, you’ll need to crack a coded message hidden in a board game.

Your itinerary : must-see places in Montmartre

Along the way, you’ll get a romantic tour of Montmartre most interesting sights. Enjoying the basilica is only part of the adventure to be had exploring Montmartre district. During Belle Epoque, a lot of artists settled there (Renoir, Lautrec, Picasso, Monet among the most famous). You’ll follow in the impressionists’ footsteps through the paved and cobbled streets of Montmartre to discover the places where they lived, painted and had drinks, living the « vie de bohème ».

We will meet you @the meeting point Place d’Anvers, according to the date and time you chose. Then, you’ll walk through the area during 2 hours to enjoy must-see places while solving puzzles.

Just to let you know, Montmartre is a hill. You will need to walk up and down to visit the distric and see the famous landmark. You’ll start right away with a bit of work out to reach the Sacre Cœur basilica, on the top of the hill. It is a lot of flight of stairs to get there ! For parents with toddlers and strollers, or for people with reduce mobility, you can take the Montmartre funicular (the fare is 1 metro ticket). As a reward, the skyline of Paris is breathtaking.

Then, walk to Place du Tertre where you can have your portraid sketched. After Place du Tertre, you’ll have a more peaceful and quiet atmosphere. You will discover why artists moved in Montmartre and pass some worshops of artists such as Bateau Lavoir, home to Picasso. Not far from Place du Tertre are located the oldest vineyard in Paris « Le Clos Montmartre ». You will see incredibly famous spots since the rise of Instagram while solving a few riddles. After enjoying Amelie’s and Emily in Paris’ spots, you will arrive in the trendy district of Abbesses, home to le Mur des Je t’aime (= The « I love you » wall). Your treasure hunt will end in front of the world famous Moulin Rouge cabaret.

After the scavenger hunt in Montmartre : where to eat and drink- our favourite places

From there, you can easily enjoy a glass of wine and French food. Montmartre is full of café, terraces and restaurants. Here are our favourite addresses :

· For a nice wine bar : la bascule, le Tholoze

· For a drink, in a café populaire : La Fourmi

· For a terrace with a nice view : the Terrass Hotel (this one can be packed on sunny days)

· For a tasty tarte or quiche to go : les Petits Mitrons

· For a very parisian restaurant : Bouillon Pigalle

Discount Voucher

To launch our brand new tour, we have an inaugural offer :

If you are 5, save up till 30€ and pay 95€ instead of 125€

Voucher code : Montmartre2023

This voucher is valid till december 1st 2023

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