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Planning to visit Paris with a fun sightseing tour : how do you decide what to do ?

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

A visit to Paris can be a fascinating and entertaining week that’s over far too quickly. Visiting Paris is always a good idea and it is truly to walk up to the Eiffel Tower and enjoy it from the top or from its «Champ de Mars » garden. You can decide to design the trip on your own, and you’ll get to see exactly what you were looking for or you can opt for guided tours and fun activities.

Paris Tour Advantages

Of course, you also can go in completely unprepared, visit everything there's to see without wanting to learn everything about what you're witnessing, walking around and enjoying the streets and landscapes Paris has to offer. You’ll buy a few souvenirs, post a couple of times on social media and enjoy good food before you return home. Paris is and stays magical, whether you want to know it all about the city or not.

Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower

Visit Paris with a fun sightseing tour

The second option to visit Paris with a fun sightseing tour includes a tour or an activity, guided or not, where you’ll learn something there is to know about an attraction, a monument or a neighborhhod with som fun.

One of the reasons why you should choose a Paris guided tour is that it is the most convenient way of discovering the city without spending hours planning the trip. If you are a first-timer in Paris and don’t really know what to visit first and where to go, a guided tour can be the solution for you. Also ask a travel agency to help you put together a list of activities and attractions you should visit.

The great thing about the City of lights is that you barely run out of attractions to visit. This is why Paris sightseeing tours are a great way to spend a day in the city, exploring the the must-sees of course, but also lesser known spots and landmarks. From the The Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral to Montmartre, there are a lot of attractions waiting to be explored ! Here are some city sightseeing tours in Paris that you can consider going for.

With From Paris with Fun, you can have unforgettable adventures and a better understanding of the culture. For a one-of-a-kind private walking escape game or treasure hunt on non electric scooters, you have come to the right spot !

Our tours will bring you to landmarks, museums, and famous districts of Paris. Our best-seller Paris along the Seine includes must-see tourist top monuments including The Louvre, The Eiffel Tower, The Invalides and The Grand Palais.

If you like to investigate while sightseeing, our Investigation/Escape Game tour around Madeleine will make you explore a very chic neighborhood ans enjoy some quality time with your friends and family.

Our exciting tours are tailored for families, couples, friends and even large groups of up to 20. If you’re interested, kindly contact us to make a reservation. With our private and one of a kind self-guided sightseeing tours, you and your guests will have a blast.

You may choose to mix the activities, with unplanned days and designed tours to enjoy the city. Don’t expect to do it all on your first trip to Paris, even parisians haven’t done it all 😉.. But make sure to choose at least one of the activitie you dreamt of when you organised your trip in Paris !

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