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Food and drink in Paris after our treasure hunts : Our recommendations

We noticed that many of you have been asking us where you can go for a drink or a lunch/diner after our treasure hunts. And it is true that after 2 hours of intense activity, one must nourish oneself! As the good concierges that we are (hotel concierges, we specify), we have prepared a little list for you to rely on without fear of stumbling upon a tourist trap.

On the Trocadéro side:
  • Les Routiers - Les Marches: A Parisian bistro with a good quality/price ratio (it's a Routiers, in France, their reputation speaks for itself) and traditional French dishes. Address: 5 Rue de la Manutention

On Rue Saint Dominique:
  • Café Lignac: Newly established in the neighborhood, replacing Café Constant, offering traditional French bistro cuisine. Address: 139, rue Saint Dominique

Café Cyril Lignac

  • Les Cocottes, by Christian Constant: As the name suggests, dishes cooked in cocottes (cast-iron pots). The chef's renowned reputation ensures a reliable dining experience, and the atmosphere is pleasant. Address: 135, rue Saint Dominique

  • La Fontaine de Mars: French dishes. The restaurant where Barack Obama had diner with his wife in 2009. Address: 129, rue Saint Dominique

  • Le Thoumieux: A beautiful French brasserie located closer to the Esplanade des Invalides. It used to be a bouillon, but as you'll notice, the prices have rised, although the food remains very good! Address: 79 Rue Saint Dominique

On the side of Motte Picquet Grenelle:
  • Le Café du Commerce: A Parisian bouillon established in 1921 in the heart of Rue du Commerce. The prices are not as low as Chartier's, but still reasonable compared to Le Thoumieux (meaning you can go with your whole family without having to rub the bank). Address: 51, rue du Commerce

  • Chez Nous: On the Left Bank, a wine bar where you are warmly welcomed and feel at ease. Reservation is recommended. Address: 10 Rue Dauphine, 75006 Paris

  • The Highlander Scottish Pub: Located right next to the wine bar, this typical pub always has a lively atmosphere and attracts many Anglo-Saxons (similar to the Bombardier, but that one is at the start of our tour...). If you go there on the weekend, you might even catch an Irish concert! Address: 8, rue de Nevers, 75006

  • La Coopérative: On Rue de Rivoli, right next to the Town Hall of the 1st arrondissement, a highly regarded Auvergne restaurant famous for its aligot. Address: 85, rue de Rivoli

  • Le Marché du Faubourg Saint Honoré: No specific restaurant recommendations, as it's a square full of restaurants. Just check out the menus and make your choice. Address: Place du Marché Saint Honoré

  • Le Da Rosa: A cozy Spanish wine and tapas bar tucked away in a discreet little street. Address: 19, bis rue du Mont Thabor

Bars along the Seine - between the Pont de la Concorde and the Pont Alexandre III:
  • Similar to the Marché Saint Honoré, it will be up to you to make your choice among Rosa Bonheur, Faust, and the recently opened Fluctuart, which also offers free exhibitions on street art.

Bar Da Rosa à proximité de la place de la Concorde

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