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Things to do in Paris : Visit Paris with treasure hunts ?

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

You are travelling to Paris and want to explore the city the best way ? Try our immersive treasure hunts ! Our tours are the combination of a cultural tour and an outdoor escape game. It is a fun way to discover Paris ant its top monuments.

From Paris with Fun promises to get you learning and laughing your way around Paris' sites. We launched our treasure hunts with the aim of helping families, friends and groups to Visit Paris with a serie of interactive self-guided tours. Our booklets are designed to get people to engage with Paris spots by bringing the City of Lights to life.

Paris in 2 days

We love Paris and we know that it is not always an "easy city" to visit. There are so much things to do that making a choice can be difficult. This is the reason why we offer treasure hunts in Paris that make you enjoy Paris' top monuments. For example, if you are in Paris for two days and you want to make the most of it, you can opt for one of our treasure hunts . How to visit Paris with treasure hunts ? What happens if you book with us ? During two hours, you will enjoy the history of at least three top monuments (and some secret places parisians don't know about ;)

Covered passages by night

On our treasure hunt along the Seine, you hop on a scooter and ride safely along the river, collecting clues in front of The Louvre, Orsay Museum, The Bridge Alexander 3, The Invalides and The Eiffel Tower.

Our second treasure hunt, from The Pantheon to The Louvre, can be a walking treasure hunt tour or a treasure hunt on a manual scooter (you know, the ones you had when you were a kid ;) ). Highlights here include Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral, The Latin Quarter, The Conciergerie and The Louvre.

Our new Family-friendly treasure hunt on the Covered Passages

Among our fun tours is a new investigation on the Covered Passages ! Follow the footsteps of Herbert, a mad genious murdered a few days ago, and go back to his favourite walk inside the Covered Passages in Paris. With a map and a roadbook, solve a mystery by walking through five of the most famous covered passages. Open your eyes and look everywhere, a lot of details (and answers ;)..) are hidden in these very particular streets ! You'll learn a lot about the 19th century in Paris, from the Grands Boulevards to the Palais Royal.

Visit Paris with treasure hunts : hos does it work ?

During the tour, you'll be handled a booklet and a bag of clues. Then, you will go on a 2 hours quest to get to the treasure. Along the way, you will have to solve riddles and decipher coded messages. Our scenarii are fictionnal, sometimes freely inspired by a historical event. You know from the begining where you are going (there is a map inside our booklets). It can be a little less challenging for some people but we don't want you to get lost in Paris, especially if it is your first time in the city ! The main goal here is to have fun, no to be frustrated because you can't find your way...

History Enthusiasts : our treasure hunts in Paris are made for you !

Treasure hunts or outdoor escape games are not really your jam ? Don't worry, you can still enjoy the must visit places in Paris with us ! Every booklet has a historical and a cultural part, with explanations about the monuments on your road.

Our treasure hunts are one of these Paris private tours

Our treasure hunts in Paris are private. It means that you won't compete against other teams and no one else will join your group. But if you are more than 5 people and want to turn the hunt into a challenge, we can divide your group in 2 teams and may the best win ;)

Ready for the Challenge ? Click here to book one of our game :)

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